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Mental health swim is the last Sunday of the month. 

Free Yoga before the swim 

Turn up, move the body ready for a dip in the Sea. 

Me and Alsison host these events 

Seapalling mental health swims UK 

I teach in Sea palling, Waxham ,Great Yarmouth a few more will pop up if we have a glorious Summer .

Connecting to Nature with Outdoor yoga and mindful relaxation listening to the waves.

 I can't promise

Sunshine 🌞

No wind💨

Clear  blue skies💙

Calm sea 🌊

No rain 

But we will experience 

Sounds of the sea

The feel of the breeze

Salty air on the skin

Sandy hands and sandy toes

Seeing clouds move or birds fly overhead

Wind catching our mats 

People enjoying walks

Seals bobbing in the sea

Moving with a flow that nourishes  the body

Optional paddle or swim

A connection with Nature and finding stillness within her.

So if you would like to come.

Meeting place is confirmed when booking is made .

Bring a bobble hat 

Contact me to book

Tara 🙏x

we can finish our yoga practice with a dip or paddle. 

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Yoga on the Beach Norfolk: Pro Gallery
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