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Flowers on a Sunday

Picking flowers from the garden before it rains is meditation for me.

Bringing so much sensory feelings.

Barefoot feeling the ground temperature, texture, dampness from the dew and pending rain.

Hands touching, holding, tenderness choosing a bud.

Eyes scanning so not to disturd a spiderweb. Colour, naturally fading with the change of season.

Smelling the scent of morning damp, dew, freshness of a slight breeze with a hint of pollen.

Breathing with a softness of calm.

Listening to birds, movement of the bamboos, dripping dew on leaves. Then a large leaf falling to the ground being released to allow for replenishment over winter.

My mind still, calm from its chatter. Soaking up more than what i can write down.

Meditation in nature

Filling my happiness.

Enjoying space around me..

Grounding within.

Sunday mornings

My notebook

Thank you for reading 😘💚

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