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Hatha in sanskrit means 'force'

Pantajali Yoga Sutras

The eight limbs of path in yoga are

Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama,

Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana & Samadi

The Asana practice requires breath, body and mind connection. It is an all round balanced practice.

which is tried and tested over thousands of years for the human body.

The postures are practiced over a slower pace, it makes the body stronger and more flexible.light yet grounded.

Practicing regularly will open a gateway to the self,

Releasing tension and calming the mind.

Suitable for all levels 

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What is it all about?

Functional Yoga

So I will start off by why I practice and teach Functional yoga.

 I have always been very interested in fitness, alongside the Yoga I practice.

I have been a gym lover over the years attending Spinning, Weights, Swimming and Circuit Training.

All these practices come with different demands on the body.

When I completed my Yoga Teacher Training I felt I needed more knowledge about the body mechanics.

This led me to my continued learning of the body within yoga . 

I have always loved Ceilcy Yogadetour approach to yoga , this led me to to completing DMO, to become a Yogadetour Informed Instructor.

I since completed

Drew Hume Anatomy and physiology course at NAVINA. 

Dr Moses Bernard Ultimate spine and breathing course .

Currently furthering my education 

In Movement Education


Justin Wolfer Movement Mapping Course. Level 1 & 2

Yoga , Locomotion, functional range  conditioning, progressive learning principles

Functional yoga is about Our uniqueness

How we are all different, our bone structure, muscles, tissues .We all move in a different way .

Functional yoga will allow you as  student to really attune to how your body moves.

We Focus on the intention of the posture rather than the appearance by finding the alignment which is best for you.

We mobilise the areas of the body for that key posture,

giving our body and our brain the prep work for the pose.

Building the practice to gain a safe moveability of the body into the posture.

Reducing the risk of injury.

Yoga & Sports can sometimes be repetitive within postures or movement  this over time can create aches and pains and lead to injury.

If you wish to regain or maintain optimal health then follow a functional approach, reducing the risk of injury

Functional implies that something supports the effectiveness of how something works

When used with movement it implies moving in a way that supports the wellness and movability of the whole body.

Asking the Why… 

Do I need to fully forward fold , can I change my forward fold , my knees don’t bend  .  Sun Salutations how can I prepare my body for this transition.

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Using the imagination to gain more connection with body and mind



Strong and fluid flow

Hatha base postures linked together to create a flow of movement.

Building heat in the body, connecting to the breath.



Hatha Yoga with the Chakras in mind

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Currently training with Justin Wolfer
Classes coming soon 2022

Styles of yoga: As Featured In
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